To put a smile on every face.

A conscious company

Alex, the CEO of WOÓSHYS loves to travel and gain knowledge of the world. WOÓSHYS was established after a life-changing experience during one of those journeys. 

On a particular trip to a small country in Africa, Alex was once more facing life’s harsh realities. Not everyone has access to simple necessities. Food, water and clothes are a luxury for many. In this country, where days were scorching hot, and nights the polar opposite, Alex saw many without shoes, adults and children alike. 

Encountering a small child begging at one’s feet for coins is gut-wrenching in its own way, but seeing this boy wear only rags and no shoes at all showed how desperately these children needed help. The boy deserved better.

Coming face to face with one of such innocents in pain might depress some, but it inspired Alex in a way that changed his life. Until this very personal encounter, Alex had been just a bystander. After it, he began building something that matters.

Rooted in necessity

The world is not blind to injustices. Some have plenty, others don’t have enough. WOÓSHYS aims to bridge the gap between the two through sustainable solutions. 

Buying shoes for a single child changed Alex’s life. The smile that the boy had on his face was priceless, yet we can easily put a price tag on any pair of shoes. 

The small kindness meant the world for the boy but cost Alex just a couple of dollars. That single encounter is the reason WOÓSHYS is a business with charitable goals. WOÓSHYS LLC donated 5% to get a pair of shoes to every possible child who lacks this basic necessity.

Real-life solutions

Why this emoji? Because we aim to bring a smile to as many faces as possible while providing the best quality and working conditions. You get a pair of WOÓSHYS that will last through thick and thin, through superior footwear that brings unmatched comfort.

When you slip into your heavenly WOÓSHYS, all the worries slip away. A sense of fulfillment takes over your senses through slides that feel like hugs filled with love. An innocent joy that becomes contagious and creates smiles is created, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you share this bliss with others.

The smiley emoji is a universal symbol of happiness and a constant reminder of that radiant smile Alex saw after helping a child. 


 A pair of slippers for you = shoes for those in need.

Let's spread smiles together...!


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